Timelapse Project

Q timelapse

I have a new projest that I'm working on, and it involves more patience than any other project that I've been involved with. Today, for exmple I sat around for 2.5 hours waiting for the sun to sat next to one of our university buildings.

I plan to get many more shots just like this one, and edit them together into a montage with some nice music to compliment them. For now however, here's a sneak peak as to what kind of style I'm talking about.

This is for you, kind stranger who approached me when I was getting bored out of my mind, as well as for anyone else coming here: VIDEO


Switch screenshot

Switch - A top down puzzle game featuring

  • Stunning animations!
  • A great soundtrack!
  • And not enough levels!

Made in HTML5 and JavaScript in 48 hours for the Ludum Dare game jam.

Play it online HERE!

Analogue Clock


I find that projects that utilize more than one language are the most fun to work with.

I made this clock for homework for programming class. The task was to write a C program that took an hours/minutes/seconds timestamp as its input and generated an SVG image of a clock showing that time as it's output. I went a bit further. The background with the hour and minute divisions going around are still what the program generated: A simple for loop, iterating over an angle variable from 0 to 2*Pi. The x and y coordinates are in direct relation to the cosine and sine of this angle respectively. The hands however are set to show the current time by a JavaScript function, and are animated by the SVG's built in animation engine. Multi-language at it's best!

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